You may have questions.

I have (at least some) answers.


What are IMAGINEER Fine Art Prints?

IMAGINEER is a work of love born from the ingenuity of a random internet guy that loves everything art and photography. It's run by a one-man army, whose idea is to create things he finds beautiful - and then share them with you, if you want them. The hope is simple - that you find respite from your daily hardships through art. And that you nurture your own creative spark by appreciating not only what I've done, but by asking yourself what YOU can add to this world. All prints on IMAGINEER are made 100% in-house, by me, and the process looks something like this: 1) I photograph my pictures with my Fujifilm X-T3; 2) I "print the prints" with my EPSON XP-15000; 3) I prepare and pack the prints according to their size; 4) Finally, I ship them your way.

First things first: will my prints last for a lifetime?

The short answer is a resounding "yes!". The long answer is that the combination of Epson's Claria inks and gallery-tier photo paper in all print options (whether Hahnemühle Photo Rag or Canon Pro Platinum) will ensure your prints last for at least 100 years (when framed under glass; longevity increases if you use a UV-filtering glass).

I see some limited runs in the prints you're selling. Tell me more about that.

Well, that means that after the print run is exhausted on that particular option, there will never again be any more printing process done on that piece. In fact, the original, curated file and ICC profile will be destroyed, ensuring that you're holding one of only a few prints ever made. All Limited Edition prints will be signed and numbered according to the order queue they arrived in - for that extra-special touch of care.

Fair enough. And are the prints framed?

No, IMAGINEER prints aren't sent out framed. There are two reasons for that: One, shipping framed prints would increase shipping costs prohibitively in both domestic and international orders - remember, the idea is to keep pricing down so art is truly democratic. Two, you yourself know what sort of frame would look best in the haven of your home, so we wouldn't try to impose our own preferences on you, thus locking you out of choice. Gold, black, silver, hand-painted, spaceship-shaped frames... You are your own master. I ship the prints in either a plain cardboard envelope with added padding, or in a cardboard box for added protection though, so don't worry - your prints are safe.

Please tell me you ship Internationally.

Yes, we do ship internationally! IMAGINEER (and the guy behind it) are based in Portugal, but that doesn't mean we are only catering to our own crowd. Art is for everyone, and thus are our shipping options. Keep in mind: Portugal has free shipping for orders over €80. We're working on bringing this offer internationally as well, so stay tuned.

Awesome! Anything else I should know about shipping?

Shipping times will vary - remember, this is the work of a single person that has to balance all other things in life. That said, expect your print (why not prints, I wonder) to be sent out in 3-5 business days. Sometimes, it will be much faster. Other times, it may take a little while longer. Fact bonus: all prints must be kept to dry for a period of 24 hours before they are actually packed and shipped your way. All orders will be sent out in the order they are received and whenever they are, I will be sending you a tracking code. Please feel free to contact us with any questions via (you can also use the contact form in my "About" page.

Bonus Question: do you believe we are living in a simulation?

That is a very interesting question, and one that I never thought you'd ask. I actually find that conception of reality as the most likely one. It's not that hard to imagineer (ah, see what I did there) our own reality as a sort of videogame that's being run on ultra-powerful computers. If you're interested in this concept of reality, you should watch (and read) some of Nick Bostrom's work on the matter. It's fascinating, I guarantee you! I, for one, think it's humbling to consider that we are products of pure causality (with some programming bugs thrown in here and there for good measure). The world is real enough for me, and so are my experiences in it, past, present, and future. Whoa, see. That's what you get for asking me such thought-provoking questions.